Balancing a mix with volume automation

I’m trying to mix a track that has a lot of volume automation and need a way to be able to adjust the output gain on individual channels even if they have volume automation on them. In the past when I’ve mixed on a desk, each channel has had a gain control at the top of the strip and this can be adjusted even when the faders are automated, but how can I do this in Cubase?

So far the only way I’ve found is to go into the volume automation track and manually move all of the automation points up or down by however many dB if I want to increase or decrease output gain, but this is not a viable solution at all for something that should literally be as simple as moving a slider or turning a knob.

I’ve tried contacting support but it’s been over a week with no response and this has put a total stop to the mixing process. Can anybody help? I must be missing something very simple as there’s no way Steinberg would design a piece of professional DAW software without such fundamental functionality included.

The gain on a hardware mixer channel is actually the input gain…not the channel output.

If that suits how you work (it will affect levels hitting any plugins so not always ideal for a mix in progress) then open the PRE rack in the mixer and use the GAIN fader. This is the exact equivalent of a Mixer channel gain.

Or select all clips in a track and use the clip gain handle to turn them up down…again this affect levels to plugs.

If you need to do this without affecting the level being fed to your plugs you can put automation in trim mode.

Superb! Not only is this is what I was after but I’ve also learned something new about hardware mixers :laughing:

Thank you. I knew I’d be missing something simple.

I just want to mention as an option you can also change the volume by changing the value that is listed in the info line. Just highlight the track and click on the part(s) you want to change (choose multiple parts by holding the shift key). Then highlight the volume (if audio) or velocity (if midi) shown in the info line and change the value up or down. The info line is accessed by pressing the “Set up Windows Layout” button and activate it there.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I think I would prefer to add a VCA to the tracks and turn the fader down on that.
Or route the tracks to a group, or even better several groups. It is easier to control the mix, and is more like mixing stems that way. Using a controller with 8 or 16 real faders is than fun again.