Ball To The Wall with Lenny Lee

Music Loungers,

Thought some of you might find this interesting. I posted this piece here over a year ago. Lenny heard it and offered to do a bass track for it a while back. I had forgotten about it, but then this showed up. Listen to what a real bassist would do with it! Especially interesting is his interplay with the guitar solo. Thanks, Lenny!


Listening now with my morning expresso and loving it.


Cheers :smiley:

Well… that was pretty darn good! :smiley: I’m impressed by…well…everything! :slight_smile:

Agreed! Some amazingly talented individuals around these parts.

After listening to this I had to go back and listen to the original version again. It sounded great still, but Lenny’s bass definitely adds a little extra punch. Very nice!

Hi there Early 21.

Listening to it now and… wow!!!

Best thing I’ve heard in this genre since Robben Fords “handful of blues” from 1995.
Which was also a handful of soul, rock and funk too, hehe
Lenny is magic here, but so are you on this

You do the same here: great blend of different genres expertly executed and mixed.
I am actually just smiling and listening here… for me to just shaddup and listen takes a good song and good musos.

What is the elpiano there?
Somehow I hope it is the Lounge Lizard since I personally feel it sounds so real while being a physically modelled plug and not a sample based one.
Well whatever it is it sounds creamy and sexy.

Listening again now.

All the best, Kim

Almost forgot:
I love the mix too!

I tend to be flashy in my mixes (mostly because I lose direction), but this is so alive, full, organic and breathing.
I love it


Again…good stuff…always good stuff…Kevin

I enjoyed it, 21. Looking forward to more.

Thanks to everyone for giving it a listen.

To Kim - the keyboard is the Mark I that comes with Komplete by NI. So that’s sampled. I know I used some effects on it too, mild ones - tremolo I think, also rotary, just a bit…

Again killer composition, just enough of everything. Keys sound great also, mix is spot on! Lenny and you are in a zone never heard the original version but after hearing you Lenny together I don’t need to!
Glad to be a musician, going to write more tonight so thanks for the inspiration

Damn smooth! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
And Eleanor Rigby in the Guitar solo haha!

Love it.

Hey Early,

I really like(d) the tune first time round. This is really really good - I think you play some nice bass parts yourself but this makes it sound much more band-like with interplay between two players ( I know it’s not full live interplay but you know what I mean). Great bass playing and that’s a great sound on the bass Lenny, with some beautiful sustain. Care to share your sound secrets?

Spot on stuff.