Ball To The Wall

Here’s a new one I just finished. That’s me on the guitars and bass, and Mr. Sample on keys, drums. Have worked hard to get a clean balanced mix… would appreciate comments and suggestions. Just a funky composition I was trying to polish up so I could inspire the band to play it. Thanks everyone.

New version as of Apr 1 2012
2nd one down

Hi Early,

pretty cool stuff. 1st listen, i’d say kick and snare are a little shy or it might be the hat and ride are a little too loud?
(listening with cans)
Sounds clear and balanced in my ear-warmers :wink:


not into Jazz but it sounded ok to me…

I think its cool as hell. top guitar work. enjoyed to the fullest extent of the law. love that tone on your guitar too.

Thanks for listening, Sav. I agree with your comments. I made some adjustments to bring out the kick and snare more and uploaded to same place. I also decided to cut low-mids a bit, after a little more auditioning against commercial fusion favorites… appreciate the help.

Thanks for giving a listen!

Thanks, Bob. Didn’t know there was a law! Appreciate you giving it a listen! I was happy with that guitar tone… seems I am playing the Strat more and more, even though it’s usually Gibson for me, but I thought the Strat went better on that number.

Sounds real good to me. Very nice work.

A very nice recording! :slight_smile: I think you’ve done a great job here.
Well played and well mixed! :sunglasses:

That’s a great track, the band would be nuts not to give it a shot.

Really nice guitar part. Fumms up. It’s a more whimsical Beck.

Given that it’s a teaser for the guys, it seems mix comments are not really
appropriate, but I’d prefer a less paddy-sounding snare and let it have
just a bit more crack.

Hey Early,

The first time I’ve put Tommy Bolin and Eleanor Rigby in the same sentence - cheeky! Beautifully laid back but taut sounding, this is spot on. Your guitar sounds lovely and I really like the voicings of your keyboard chords. I’m a big fan of unison stuff and what you’ve put on this is very slinky. You’re getting together the material for Son of Spectrum!


Thanks for listening, J.L.!

Thanks for listening, Ian. Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks, Jet. I appreciate the kind words. I do appreciate mix comments - I’m working hard to improve my mixes. No question what they say about your ears quickly adjusting to what you’re hearing is true. I’m spending a lot of time a/b-ing with reference tracks. I have struggled with that snare ever since I bought Superior Drummer about a year ago. It’s a lot more sophisticated than a drum kit from Halion I, for example, but the variables are enormous - two different top mics, a bottom mic, amount to mix into overheads, amount to mix into three different ambient mics, effects including a transient shaper, and then mixing all those sources together in Cubase, etc. Wish there was some sort of guidance for all that. I’m thinking I missed something along the way!

Thank you Steve, much appreciated! I really like Tommy Bolin’s playing on that album. I did feel like something went right on the guitar tone this time once I picked up the Strat. I think I finally figured out I should put the tone control in the middle on the strat and brighten it in the amp (in this case Guitar Rig 4). Not really the same as I would do with the SG…

It’s a tough crowd round here. Take it from me… you could spend a lifetime ‘struggling’ with your snares :laughing:

And still the snare might end up on top :sunglasses:
Great track Early, really like it.

Yes, it’s a nice composition and performance, but the snare is bringing it down for me – first, it’s mixed a bit too far back, and then the sample just says “sample” all over it. Jet’s right – needs a bit more “crack” to it. Excellent guitar playing!

BTW – how’d you coax Joe Sample to play on your tune? Is he a friend of yours? :laughing:

Thanks for listening, Doug, guess I need to go back and work on the snare. Who uses Superior here? Seems to me when I record my real drummer, he’s already got plenty of snap in the way he plays. The Superior samples just sound like somebody is hitting them. Maybe I’m just supposed to buy another sample set. And then if I don’t like that one, buy another one, then another, and, hey wait a minute, that’s their business plan! But you know, you adjust the overheads by a tiny bit and the snare is off, and you gotta play with it for another hour. Maybe Superior is too sophisticated for someone who hasn’t worked in a studio for several decades!

And it isn’t Joe Sample, it’s his brother Stool!