Ballad with jazz quintet and strings

Just finished a fun, challenging project…a ballad with orchestral strings. The harmon muted trumpet is a Native Instruments virtual instrument, the violin is from a SampleTank instrument customized for wind controller, and the viola is a SampleModeling instrument. The trumpet solo started life as a soprano sax solo, and was converted to MIDI. (No live instruments were harmed in the making of this demo.) To hear it at this link click on “Down Time, Orchestral Version” in the middle of the page. Cubase 8.5 is awesome!!john-vaillancourt-composer/c786

Hello JVsax, I enjoyed your tune, in particular the interesting changes. It has a good vibe. Hope you’ll post more. I like the muted trumped sound.

Thanks! The trumpet is included in the factory library of Kontakt player, and I assigned volume control to CC2 (breath control), and increased the +/- pitch range settings a bit to be able to bend notes more.

This is lovely, as are the other tunes on the front of your website, and great playing. Real bass and drums? Superb sound quality and mix.


This is really good! I find it almost comforting? Great quality! Please post more of this!

Thanks guys, the acoustic bass on this tune is Kontakt’s Upright Bass, and the bass line was played on my WX-5. The drums are audio loops that were converted from Apple loops.

Heh. I almost miss my WX-5.

Almost. For some reason, I couldn’t get it to respond like my old alto sax, so I sold it. :confused:

Nice job!

Thanks, yeah the wind controllers are different beasts compared to a real horn. Can’t beat a real sax! :slight_smile: