Bandcamp Friday (23-08-04)

Hey dear friends,
hello fans,
hello followers,
hello facebook friends,
hello world,

next friday - 2023, august 4th, is a great chance and good oportunity to show love, respect, esteem and friendship to your artists, composers and musicians, who are publishing their work at bandcamp.

If you buy a piece of their work, one song or one album or their whole discography at next friday bandcamp won’t charge any fees on revenue.

Many artists will inform and remind you with short messages and posts, so that as many supporters as possible are encouraged to spend some money on good music and thus give something back to the musicians for endless hours of listening to (mostly) independent music.

Some artists will give special discounts to make it easier for all of you to buy something.

Real innovations in music will not come from major or big labels or “spotify-manipulated music”. It is the free and independent artists who invent new things.

Help them. Support them. Show respect to them.

In a dark future, which I hope will not happen, these free, independent and courageous artists would be the last bastion against AI-produced music.

I don’t want to be pathetic, but every penny, dollar,… which goes directly to the Bandcamp artists, helps in the fight against this mainstream madness, where every song sounds exactly like the previous and the following one.

Last but not least:

Even if you don’t have money to buy something from your artist, you can support them. Become a follower of his account and/or send him a short message, how and why you like his music, because your artist can use this for his marketing.

Please think about it and support your artist!


PS: If you want to share this message, I would be happy and thankfull.