Bank-select, Generic Remote (radio button style)


I’m trying to set up a generic remote (in my case x-touch compact but my question probably include most MIDI controller devices) . I got most things working as I want, but there is one thing I haven’t been able to solve yet…

I would like to dedicate four buttons to switch between diffrentbanks (like channel 1-8, 9-16 etc). That -in itself- i easy enough, but I also want the buttons to lit up indicating wich bank I’m on. That leads me to “toggle mode” for the buttons.

But, if I’m currently on “Bank 1-8” (button 1 is lit up) and then press button number 2 (“Bank 9-16”) ONLY button number two should be lit up.

Does anyone out there know how to achive this?

Is there any free midi-tool-mapper program that could be used? I tried MIDI-OX but it does not seem to work on Win 10.


How do you switch the banks by using Generic Remote, please?

I know, Mackie Control (protocol) for example can do this, but I’m not aware, how to do this in Generic Remote. This would lead to the way, how to send the information out.

Do you know, what MIDI Message needs to be send out to lit the button up?

I switch between banks simply by -in cubase-attaching a “remote command” to whatever trigger I want; note or controller event. Perhaps I missunderstand you?

About message to controll the buttons:
In the controller I can define min/max value for each button, which will respond and lit up or turn the button off when a message is received.
If i only wanted two radio style buttons I could reverse min- max values (button A 0-127 and button b 127-0) and then the buttons would toggle (Cubase transmit the message back), but I want to achive this with four buttons, and I have not found a way yet.
So: “If I press button C then A B and D shuld lit off”

If it can’t be done in Cubase, then perhaps there is a program that let me send “extra cc-messages” to make shure only one button is lit at the time? I’ve not managed to do that in midi-ox either.

For me its about getting visual feedback, so I know what channel I’m controlling.

Yes, I read about that tool, but It’s a bit expensive for the one simple function that I need.

I was hoping that my inability to find a solution for this was based on the fact that I’m new to external remote controllers, but perhaps it is just not possible without a third party software.

If so, I hope to find a freeware. If that’s not possible, perhaps I have to develop it myself.

Ok, think I figured it out. Just had to think outside the infamous box…
Since a generic remote controller is like any other midi input, at least theoretically I shuld be able to:

  1. Add a midi track to the project.
  2. Set the x-touch compact as both input- and output device for the midi track.
  3. Use the Transformer-plugin to generate the extra cc-event I need to “turn off the other three buttons on the controller”.

The Generic Remote-setup will still handle switching between banks based on diffrent cc-values, but the logic to control the state of the buttons will be managed by the miditrack and transformer-plugin.