Bank Select in Cubase 12 Artist - Nord Lead A1R

Hoping for assistance with this vexing problem. By way of introduction, I am not a midi noob – been working with midi since 1985.

Bank Select not working in Track Inspector, though Program Select does. Confirmed that the A1R uses cc0=0, cc32=0-7 for banks 1-8; instrument will ignore Bank Select messages which are not followed immediately by a Program Select message. Confirmed that the instrument responds correctly when fed Bank/Program Select messages from Midi-Ox.

I’ve tried going into Midi Device Manager and setting up a device profile for the A1R, including the addition of appropriate MSB and LSB formatting, but still no dice.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance,

Bless, Pablo

PS – I’ve even tried manually inserting the appropriate CC messages into individual midi tracks, but still no go. They are not being sent by Cubase (midi indicator on Nord showing nothing received!).



Could you double-check with the MIDI Monitor in Cubase? And could you try an external MIDI Monitor?

Apart from what Martin advised above, make sure you don’t have any MIDI filters active in Preferences.


Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter > Thru

Hi Martin, mlib,

Thanks for your lightning fast responses, but this is still a no go here. I have not been able to find a Midi Monitor in Cubase 12 Artist, either in the program itself or in the reference manual?

For purposes of midi monitoring, Tobias Erichsen’s loopMIDI to the rescue! I now have Cubase track patched directly into Midi-Ox to monitor Cubase output. With cc events inserted at the head of the track, when played no midi data output appears in Midi-Ox until the line starts at bar 5. Nothing is engaged in Preferences > Midi > Midi Filter. In the example shown, I am asking Cubase to instruct the Slot A on the Nord to navigate to Bank 3, Program 13. Clicking on the up/down arrows for Program Select in the Inspector for that track produces the expected response on the instrument; clicking on the up/down arrows for Bank Select induces no response by the instrument. Again, sending the same messages directly from Midi-Ox to the instrument produces the expected proper result.

The plot thickens, though: When I STOP the track, the correct Bank/Program Select messages are sent – patched through Midi-Ox via loopMIDI, I can see those messages!! And yet, the instrument does not respond!!

I’ll note here that I have tested this two ways: 1) Nord A1R connected to PC via 5-pin DIN to Mio XL interface, and 2) with the Mio powerered down and the Nord connected directly to PC via USB. This same weird behavior occurs in both instances.

To summarize, it appears that something wrong is occurring in Cubase. It fails to transmit these cc events when played, but does transmit them when playing is stopped. Adjusting Bank Select from the track fails to generate any midi output.

But it also appears that maybe something is going on with the Nord?. When fed these data strings from Midi-Ox it behaves correctly, but when the same data strings are sent from Cubase it does not.!?!?

I have screenshots of the Input Monitor in Midi-Ox and also of the Preferences and Track view in Cubase. I’ll get them posted here as soon as I figure out how to do that.

Your continued help will be greatly appreciated – maybe my eyes are too close to this thing to see what is happening. This is really blowing my brain, and hampering my ability to operate.

Bless, Pablo

Here’s the preferences screenshot

Here’s the Track View shot

Here’s the List View screenshot:

(aside: I was really honked off when I discovered that Elements version does not possess List View capability and that I had to upgrade to Artist to gain access to such a basic, elemental function)

Here’s the data shown in Midi Ox when that track is played from the origin. No data until the Notes at bar 5, then generates BS/PC messages when STOP is selected!

ps – phantom Note Off messages also generated when selecting STOP!?

And suddenly noticing that the Bank Select message appears out of order – the MSB should precede the LSB

Could you try starting Cubase in Safe Mode with Preferences and 3rd party plugins Disabled? Then create a new, Blank project and repeat the test.


As I can see here on the screenshot, the 1st three events are grey. That means they are out of the MIDI Part boundaries. Please, make sure, the MIDI Part starts before Or the events were muted manually.

Btw, keeping at least 1 bar free at the very beginning is recommended.