Banking Question for DM2K & 02R-96 Users

For those of you using your DM2K or 02R-96 as “Controllers” for your Nuendo/Cubase systems, do you have to manually set the Generic Remote device in Nuendo before the Yamaha Faders will work on a selcted channel or can you just bank directly from the desk?
Nuendo 6 Generic Remote Counter.jpg
In other words, could you map your faders from, say, channels 1 - 56 (on an 02R-96) on the MIDI layer of the console and be able to bank to a specific channel directly from the desk and have it work on the selected channel (ie: I’m on channel 8 and I want to jump to channel 36 on Nuendo’s mixer), or would I FIRST have to "define the range ( open the GRD to VST 33 - 48) " with the Generic Remote Counter in order for channel 36 to respond to the MIDI commands from the desk?

You must use the direct template you’ll find at remote devices into device setup. F3 and F4 are bank +8 -8, F10 F11 work as channel +1 -1.

So, no ability to bank in blocks of 16? Also, regarding the drop down menu that came the DM2K device setup, are those your choices for setting up the MIDI control of the EQ, Dynamics, pan, etc."?

It seems you are using the generic remote template. Use the DM2000V2 template and you don’t have to setup anything, eq, sends, transport… all will work.