Bar change without advance notice

How can I hide the advance notice of a bar change at the end of a line?

Do you mean a cautionary time signature? You can’t, really. You can add a coda and hide the coda sign.

Oh my English!

Unfortunately at this time I can’t add a demonstration picture, but yes, I mean a time signature.
If the time signature changes at the begin of a new line, it is signalized at the end of the previous file. Normally (Finale, MuseScore) you can disable the announcement. Not so in Dorico.
But I could solve my problem with using two different flows. This is new for me, but I’ll manage it.

Honestly, the coda solution is better. A new flow can cause some other problems that have to be considered.

Edit: worst typo in the history of typos, maybe ever.


But in the next version the feature to deactivate the announcement should be integrated, I think.

There’s a thread with 172 posts on this subject, here. I think the development team have made it pretty clear that there’s not going to be any change in this area any time soon.