Bar Chime / Kontakt load

I didn’t have a bar chime in my libraries, so I pulled down a sample wav file. I’m able to load and play the file into Kontakt. I’m also able to pull Kontakt up in Dorico. There are a couple of problems. The first is when I add a percussion instrument to the score, Bar Chime is not available as a percussion instrument. I added an instrument and changed the name and went into play and connected the staff to Kontakt. No luck yet. I tried to create a percussion express map for the Bar Chimes and couldn’t get it see the new instrument. Where do I start? Can I create a new instrument and map it to a wav file? I can see cases where sampling sounds and adding custom instruments would be needed. Not just for percussion instrument, but pitched instruments or effects.

Thank you
Patrick Kennedy

I hope I’m not way off base here, but is a bar chime also known as a mark tree? If so, you can create a mark tree instrument in Dorico, and then create a simple percussion map in Play > Percussion Maps that maps the ‘Natural’ playing technique for the ‘Mark tree’ instrument onto whichever pitch is required to produce the right sound in your Kontakt patch. The final step is then to make sure you connect the appropriate channel in Kontakt to this percussion map in the Endpoint Setup dialog, and make sure that the instrument itself in your project is pointing at the right Kontakt instance and channel in Play mode.

Close but not quite. Did as you suggested, using the mark tree, which you are correct about, I was able to setup my chimes. I was able to get a sound, not the sample though. I know that Kontakt is working having tested it with a real library of saxophone samples. I suspect that my problem has to do with my sample format being a random wav file found on line. Kontakt plays it back okay. Dorico seems to have an issue with it. Does it have something to do with being a WAV file?

Dorico doesn’t know anything about what you do in Kontakt. It just sends the specified MIDI note to the specified channel in the specified instance. It’s up to you to make sure that this matches up with what you’ve got set up in Kontakt.