Bar count for single-bar rests is "OFF" yet I'm still getting a single bar rest bar count (why?)

Just curious what I’m doing wrong. I’ve entered a piece in via real-time MIDI record (ie. it’s not based upon a MusicXML import, etc., which I know can mess up formatting defaults sometimes initially). I then change the following setting as follows:

…but my piece still shows the bar count as follows:
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 10.19.58 AM.png
Why? (thanks for any help!)

  • D.D.

I might as well be wrong, but I have the feeling that those two options do not match… I do not recall seeing 1 bar rests with an H bar and no bar-count in the music litterature. Would that be a clue?

I agree with MarcLarcher. An H-bar with no count would look like a typo, and give the immediate question in rehearsal “how many bars long is it?”.

On the other hand, if you use old-style multirests (“church multirests”) without H-bars, the options for a single bar rest without a “1” or a one-bar multirest with a “1” are both valid. The “church multirest” symbol for 1 bar is identical to a “non-multirest” bar rest. Although the church multirest symbols implicitly show the number of bars (as a binary number!) it’s useful to print the number as well.