bar gives wrong values per time signature

So, I have decided to push in 4 bars and copy 4 previous bars onto them, that’s one bar @ 5/8, next one @ 6/8 and the two more @ 5/8.
However, the last bar won’t give values corresponding to the 5/8 meter, instead it only allows a 4/8 “container” against the 5/8 meter. the last note which has been pasted in from the corresponding 5/8 bar has been placed in the next adjacent bar (5/8), presenting a 5/8 meter bar as a 4/8…
Very Very Strange.
I have tried to copy all the bars from last to 1st pasting the problematic bar last but no luck. I had no problems like this until now.
I am using a leagali downloaded Dorici 30 days trial version and have a corresponding serial # placed on my e-licensure.
Kindly reply with a solution, most kind regards.

Hi ramh7!
Put the caret in the last bar, invoke shift-b popover and write 1e then enter. This should add an eighth note to that bar.

Sometimes, rebarring in Dorico gives unexpected results (until you really know what you’re doing) because it’s quite different than the other programs — you can have insert mode on/off, the results will differ. Hope this helps !

Thank you very much for your comment, after investing the time I manage to solve this using insert. I’ll keep your comment in mind for the nest time this will happen. thank very much wishing a great weekend.