Bar in 4/4 only contains two beats in imported music xml file from Sibelius

The attached Dorico 4 file started as an import of a music xml file which was exported from Sibelius Ultimate in October 2020 (probably version 2020.9).

In Dorico 4, I changed the time signature to 2/4 in bar 29, then changed it back to 4/4 in bar 30.

The problem is that bar 31 has only two beats, though it’s in 4/4.

Time signature signposts are visible, so there aren’t any hidden time signatures.

In another version of this file, I removed all of voice 2 and then created a 4/4 time signature in bar 31. The time signature appeared, but the measure still only contained two beats. (The attached file does not include this modification).

Any ideas?

Dorico 4.0.10
macOS Big Sur 11.6.4

2022-02-24 XML Import - 2-4 bar.dorico (770.2 KB)

I have no ideas on what might have caused this, but to add the two missing beats to bar 31, select the rest in that bar, press shift-B, enter 2q in the popover, then press Enter.

Thanks, @stevenjones01 !

Is this what you wanted?

Then, delete bar-31, and add a new bar (shift+b) type +1.

Yes, that’s what I wanted. This is another good solution! Thanks, @NorFonts!