Bar is added and dynamics are deleted by erasing the bar

Hello, when I add dynamics in the last 2 bars of a piece, another bar is automatically added at th end. When I delete this bar, parts of the dynamics are deleted as well. How can I avoid this behaviour ?


If you have e.g. >pp at the very end of the piece, make sure the pp isn’t actually attached to the start of the next bar - this will prompt Dorico to show the bar, because it exists.

You can select the hairpin and, with the rhythmic grid set to something small, shorten the hairpin to bring its endpoint and final dynamic back into the last bar you actually want.

Hm I do not really understand … I have two bars at the end with one long not in it over this two bars.
I click on the not , than shift “D” as Leo once explained :wink: than putting in: ppp…so why is this attached to another than these two bars?
When I put the last pp in with hairpin, its in a wrong height…higher than there others…

Thanx for help

If there’s a hairpin spanning those 2 bars and you add a ppp at the end, then it’s added at the end of the hairpin - and by end, I mean the next rhythmic position beyond the end of the notes, that is, the start of the next bar. If that bar doesn’t exist, Dorico brings it into existence. Shorten the hairpin, which pulls the ppp back as well because it’s automatically grouped, then delete the final bar.

Once again, if that’s not working, please attach the project. It’s much, much easier for us to help you if you support your comments with ideally project files, or at the very least screenshots.