Bar line in lyrics not sync with metronom

Hello. I have an unusual problem. All the text has shifted and the bar line is not in sync with the metronome in lyrics mode. The line seems to move slightly slower than the tempo of the project. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? Thank you for your answer.

… which version are you running? Have you tried the latest Pre-Release 1.1.55? Find out more here. Better?


Version 1.1.50. This is last official version. I check this in 1.1.55 and is solvet. But this is not official version for now. So I scare to take this on stage. I thing it is only my problem?

Hi @Gildorian, good that 1.1.55 has solved your problem! Yes, 1.1.50 is the last “official” one which is available to the “Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)”. We cannot always push newer versions of VST Live to that channel. Therefore we decided to publish new versions from time to time as “Pre-Release” directly here and to the community. When there is a new SDA-slot available for VST Live we will push the latest Pre-Release to it.

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