Bar line weirdness in score

Bar line weirdness in MusXML import
I’m working on a brass quintet medley that is about ten minutes long and over 300 measures. I’m at the clean up stage and have encountered an issue with bar lines. I want the bar lines to extend through all five parts in the score, but when I click on a bar line to change its type, only some instruments reflect the change (say to double bar line). I’ve done dozens of scores and never encountered this problem. I’m done cases there are 3 different bar line types within the same bar line (out of just 5 instruments. Only the top one can be changed. I’m dead in the water on this weeks long project unless I can find the problem and fix it. Any ideas? Thanks!

As Lillie told you on Facebook, we need to see the project itself in order to diagnose exactly where the independent barlines/time signatures are.

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