bar not correct, change rythmpattern


I give in 16ths, chord entrance, funk rhythm, then I create bar 4/4 , wanted to add the last missing two 16th to complete the bar, doesn’t work, the notes are added in the next bar. In previous bars it works,

Adding bars, sometimes work sometimes not ??

Is it possible to change notevalues, eG. a rhythm pattern of 8th and 16th, to a pattern of 4th and 8th.
As time is a very precious thing:
Many thanks for your answers, excuse my bad English

If you’re entering notes with the mouse in galley view, we’re aware of a bug where sometimes the shadow note that shows where the note will be input when you click doesn’t go into some of the bars. Switch to page view as a temporary workaround.

You cannot currently simply double the note values of an existing passage, but we do have support for that internally, so we’ll try to find a way to expose that functionality as soon as possible.