Bar/Note Selection

Select a bar by clicking in within the stave sometimes doesn’t work. Often when I’ve managed to select another bar, I can go back to select the one that didn’t work and it will then select. (I’m not talking about bars with only tied notes.)

It also takes me three or four goes to select individual noteheads.

I’m afraid this isn’t particularly actionable feedback, Steve. We need reproducible cases in order to do anything about it. I have not encountered any situation where clicking in a blank bit of staff doesn’t select the music in that bar, but that doesn’t mean no problem exists. However, without a specific example for us to look into, there’s nothing we can do.

I’ve been trying dense/sparse bars, ones with a lot of accents etc. I can’t find any pattern, especially as the very same bar will often select after other bars. It feels almost as if the program forgets that bar selection is available, but when one works they all do.