Bar number appearing at rehearsal mark

I have set bar numbers to None in Layout Options, and they are not appearing, with one exception—when I do a bar number change, that bar number appears in the score and all the parts. I can hide the bar number using the Properties Panel, but it only hides that one bar number, meaning I have to do that a in every part.

That’s certainly doable, but I suspect I’m missing something.

Oh, another factor — the bar number in question is on a bar that has a rehearsal mark. I have Hide Bar Numbers at Rehearsal Marks selected, but in this situation, the bar number still shows.

Thanks, as always.

Dorico shows manually-overridden bar numbers because otherwise the players don’t know that the bar numbers have been changed.

If you don’t want to show bar numbers at all, then why are you manually changing them?

I think it makes sense in a setting such as this one, where the bar number change prevents the “Hide Bar Numers at rehearsal mark” from taking effect;

I have asked for the same thing myself, and I don’t think there’s a solution. But I would say this is related to the lack of a way to apply properties to multiple layouts, which the team has said they will provide in the future. Until then, this is one of the few stuff that demands manual labor :smiley:

Leo, I probably didn’t explain it clearly. The reason I was changing the bar numbers, even though I wasn’t going to show them, is that I have Rehearsal Marks set to show bar numbers.

The problem was that there are now 16 bars in what was originally an 8-bar repeat, which obviously adds 8 bars to the measure count. The piece is a transcription, and I want to keep the rehearsal marks consistent with the original piece, even though the actual number of bars now differs by 8 from the original.

If all the subsequent rehearsal marks are going to stay in sync with the original piece, then I have to be able to reduce the number of bars in the measure count by 8. So instead of rehearsal mark 25, 33, and 41, etc., I want them to read 25, 25A, and 33 etc., so that the rehearsal marks from 33 on still match the original piece.

Clear as mud?