Bar number at the beginning of multi-rest bars?

Could we have the option to automatically set a bar number at the beginning of multi-bar rests?

At the moment I use bar number changes for this.
The drawback is that as soon as you add bar number changes in a part, they appear also in all parts.
If you do not need them in the other parts you have to hide each single bar number change in the properties in all other parts!
It’s a lot of work!

Will the new bar number range settings do what you want?

“activate Show ranges of bar numbers under multi-bar rests on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options” - Dorico Version History, Page 36, here:

Oh, it’s a nice feature that I oversaw!
Thanks for pointing to it.

Though it is not exactly what I would like - a single bar number at the beginning of a multi-rest bar would be more elegant in my view - at the end this feature provides the needed information, so I am ok with this unconventional solution.

I think in fact showing the range of bar numbers under the multi-bar rest is more conventional than showing only the starting bar number of the multi-bar rest, for what it’s worth. (Hence us providing that option, and not the option to show only the first bar number.)