Bar number change not applying correctly

On Dorico Version (macOS running on M1) I’m having an issue adding a bar number change.

My goal is to either have bar 40 become bar 40a or have bars 40-43 remain as is and have bar 44 become bar 40a, but the numbering I’m attempting doesn’t apply correctly.

You can see in this video that when I attempt to make bar 40 into bar 40a, it marks it as “39a”. And, the I attempt to make bar 44 into 40a, it marks it as “43a”.

I have other bar number changes in my score and they work without any issues. Any advice?

You can’t increment the number and start using ordinates in the same bar number change. I suppose you could do a bar number change at bar 39 to make it bar 40, then hide that bar number change everywhere - that would make it possible to change the existing bar 40 to 40a.

Yes, the way we designed this feature, we assume that you will see bar 40 before 40a, rather than going direct from 39 to 40a.

OK — that’s too bad, but thanks for the info!