Bar number change

I imported a score from Sibelius 7.5, and the bar numbers are changed in the middle of the score and I would like to cancel it, how to do this?
How to change bar number? I right click on a bar, Bar Numbers -> Add Bar Number Change, nothing happens.

I tried the Add Bar Number change on another score (not imported) and it works. How to get this function back on the imported score?

Chengjm, if you can zip the project and send to us, we can test on our systems for you… Otherwise, not sure what is happening on your end—the function works perfectly here. Best wishes —π

You should be able to select the bar number at the point at which the bar numbers change, and hit Delete to remove the change. This will be better, I think, than trying to create another bar number change on top of the existing unwanted change.

My project has gone too deep and I can’t share it… But after trying many times (re-launching Dorico, opening other files, etc…), I found that the “Add Bar Number Change” method worked briefly once on my troubled Dorico project, and that helped me eliminate the forced bar number change from the imported Sibelius file. However because there are several more forced bar number changed later in the file, I was presented with the same problem again. Then I accidentally found that I could select the forced bar number and delete, just like what Daniel suggested (before I saw his reply) … I just need to zoom in close enough to be able to highlight the number and I could delete it, then the bar number becomes continuous again, which is what I want. So my problem is now solved!

However, I feel that there seems to be some issue with “Add Bar Number Change” feature for imported Sibelius file (that has forced bar number changes), because on my other files entered entirely in Dorico, I have no issues at all with “Add Bar Number Change”.

Bar number change SOLVED (at least for me)

Same happens to me: select barline, right click, select Bar Number Change - nothing happens (also doesn’t work when choosing edit>barlines). And this is with and new, empty file.

add a note to the staff, select the note, and it works

And my thanks to DS and his team for a welcome alternative.

I agree it would be good if we could make it possible to add a bar number change with any kind of item, especially a barline or an existing bar number, selected, but this is surprisingly complicated to achieve. I am sure we will be able to address it at some point in the future, but we have to focus on adding functionality in areas where it is completely missing before we come back around to things like this. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.