Bar number collision avoidance (feature tweak request)

Hey guys, I’m formatting some orchestral parts for some studio sessions, and we have every bar numbered. They sit above the barlines.

I feel like bar numbers are moved a lot, and end up a bit all over the place vertically, when they could be moved only a little, or nudged to the left or right slightly. Or they are moved to be above a slur when they would fit in their normal place below it.

I guess my personal preference would be to only touch the bar numbers if they are actually colliding with another element, and in that case, move them the smallest amount possible in any direction.

My solution has been to turn off collision avoidance for bar numbers and nudge them myself, but it’s tedious work. Also, when I turn off collision avoidance, it works both ways - as well as not moving the bar numbers out of the way of the notes, it doesn’t move other elements (such as system text headings) out of the way of the bar numbers. I’d still like other elements to avoid the bar numbers, even if the bar numbers aren’t avoiding the other elements.

Anyway, just posting it here in the hope that it might get added to the “things we might tweak one day” list that Daniel has!

Back to my bar numbers.


Have you experimented with changing the Layout Options>Bar Numbers settings? You could set them to be aligned if you think they jump around too much…

Jared, we added the Avoid collisions option in the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options for this purpose: if you typically only need to move a few of the bar numbers, then having this turned off will mean that every bar number sits in its default position, and you can whizz through in Engrave mode adjusting them as needed.

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