Bar Number Collsions with Treble Clefs

I like to have bar numbers every bar, and I like to keep them as close to the bottom line of the staff as possible. I love all the customization settings, it gets me so close to what I want. However, there’s a pretty big flaw that’s driving me crazy…

It would seem that the “Minimum distance from other objects” setting doesn’t recognize treble clefs. This causes a collision at the beginning of every system. I imagine the suggested solution would be to check the “Position bar numbers at start of system after clef and key signature” box, but really isn’t what I want, it doesn’t look right.

It’s so close to being great, if there any any suggestions besides moving every bar number individually that’d be very helpful!

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I think I brought this up just after Dorico 1 was released, and the result of that conversation was the addition of that setting (well, I don’t know if it was the direct result though I like to think it is :stuck_out_tongue:). But I’d love to see that collision avoidance extended to the staff preamble as well. I’ve also seen scores that have the bar number after the clef but before the metre and key signature, which is a nice halfway point, so that’s another option I might like to see down the track.

Why not wait and see what tomorrow has in store?