Bar Number Font

I’m trying to make my bar numbers smaller. I have followed the Engrave/Font Style/Edit Font Style/ and there is NO Bar Number Font listed in the pull down list. Please advise and thanks.

Welcome to the forum, LWestendorf. You might have run up against some older documentation, for which I apologise. Please look in Engrave > Paragraph Styles.

Thank you so much. I’m new to Dorico, have retired from decades with Finale, and I’m loving it.

Great to hear! I hope you’ll find the community here really helpful, and that you will enjoy getting to know Dorico better.

Indeed. I have composed a complete set of Preludes and Fugues and am starting on the computer part of the project. I write with pencil and paper. Any tips in advance? I am planning on a separate file for each movement, or at least each key. Finale was prone to file corruption and I am wary of having all the music in a single file. I have achieved a good layout but need to do some more research into master pages, which I will do now.

A project like that seems to be an ideal candidate for using Dorico’s Flow function. This is one of Dorico’s many real strengths, and I don’t think there is any reason to be wary of the possible shortcomings that you have experienced in other software.
I mostly work with Baroque music (f.ex.“sets” of Vivaldi concertos, concerti grossi etc), which seems to be a similar concept to yours. There is no question for me that having everything organised in one single project is the way to go in such cases. Yes, you will have to learn about Master pages, flow organisation and much more, but this is definitely the way to go.

Have fun with the steep learning curve!

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I have some projects with literally hundreds of (short) flows in one file, and no crashes.

I echo the advice to use one file with multiple flows. And don’t worry about stability. In two years, I’ve had one crash and no lost work.

First thing to remember: Dorico is not like Finale! :laughing:

I’m another Finale refugee, and I’ve converted loads of Finale files, each one a separate movement, into large, multi-movement Dorico projects. It’s brilliant.