Bar Number - Global Change

After importing via xml a Finale file into Dorico I found the bar numbers were all over the place. I have been resetting them manually (continue primary) but it is rather wearisome in a 400 bar piece! Is there a way to remove all existing bar number changes to get one continuous sequence?

Screenshot attached where I have stopped manually resetting at bar 142, then the mess.

Thanks in advance.


I have tried out several things on my computer and searched a while, but nothing … sorry …

Short of fixing the original Finale file and re-exporting, I don’t think there’s a good way around this. You might be able to construct a macro to Tab to the next bar, open the Bar Number Dialog, set to Continue Primary and hit OK.

Could you attach the original MusicXML file that produced this result? I’d be interested to see how the MusicXML file was encoded.

Hi Daniel, I don’t seem to be able to attach an XML file here, so I will email it to you. Thanks.

Interestingly I just noticed, that after manually resetting all 436 bars yesterday in WRITE mode (and now looking fine in ENGRAVE and PRINT modes), PLAY mode still shows the original mess of numbers.