Bar Number Help

Dear Dorico Forum,

I am going to be upset if Dorico cannot perform this simple request. For orchestral scores it is customary to see bar numbers above each family of instruments. Dorico only places the bar numbers on the top instrument, this is simply not acceptable for the projects I am working on. Additionally, I need to have bar numbers on every new system above each instrumental family AS WELL AS bar numbers placed below each measure. This does not seem possible in Dorico which is upsetting, I am going to need to mark every measure with a numbered rehearsal mark instead of normal measure numbers. Any useful work-arounds?



For now, you’re going to be upset. Sorry.

I’m curious to know for what type of music this the customary score format.

As this was brought up in another thread by the same author I’ll also repost this here because like Rob, I’m curious too:

Is this by chance to show more conventional numbers as would be displayed in parts (at the beginning of systems and above section groups) but then have individual numbers below each on the conductor’s version of the score for quick callouts during rehearsal?

I’ve seen this with Hollywood and studio charts before. Basically recording dates where minimizing any potential wasted time is prioritized over “correct” engraving. The measure #s are centered on the bar and appear between several system groups in the score, often boxed for some reason. Parts are numbered at every barline. Not my cup of tea, but I definitely have seen it done.

… but not for long :slight_smile:

Indeed. I wasn’t in a position to say that, though :wink:

Yep! Just installed the update. Bar #s like the OP is requesting are pretty simple now!

Wow !