Bar number in bracket

Hello every body,

is it possible to put the bar numbers at the beginning of the system in brackets

No, I’m afraid not. You can put the bar number in an enclosure, like a circle or a rectangle, but not in brackets or parentheses, I’m afraid.

When a measure is cut off by a system break the bar number below is in the bracket.
How to change the bracket for example.
it would be nice to make a note of it I think.
I’m not sure if it’s normal that some things are not translated into French in Dorico 4.

I’m curious — why would you want the bar numbers in brackets?

is when the measures are cut

When bars are split across a system break, then the bar number shown at the start of the following system will indeed be shown in square brackets.

yes but how to put parentheses instead or adjust the bracket? ()
Yes, but how do you put brackets ( ) instead or adjust the bracket?

You cannot adjust them: Dorico uses square brackets always.