Bar Number On Bar One


How can I get bar numbers to show from “Bar One”, “system one”, instead of only from the system two?

Programme “X” has what I’m looking for.

Thank you!
Programme X.png

Select anything in the first bar - Edit - Bar numbers - Add bar number change - OK

… as simple as that!

Thank you! :mrgreen:

Well, actually, the question was good, because I could have sweared this was an option that would fit in Layout options > Bar numbers… but it does not. I confess I never need to number the first bar of my scores, but this is nevertheless an efficient solution for those who need it.

Via the options on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options, you can specify that the first bar number should appear only if you are showing bar numbers on every bar. I’ve not encountered a convention where bar numbers are shown on every system that also includes showing the bar number on the first system.

I like to do it that way, for my beginning students, when they’re learning to navigate a chart. That way I can tell them to look above “any one” of the clefs, to find a number that will help them to find their way around the chart.

I’m not surprised, that it’s not a convention.

Interestingly enough, having numbers on every bar seems cluttered, and possibly distracting, to me. (scratches chin)

… in the mean time, I see we can have a bar-line at the left end of the staff, starting at staff#2. Was that always there? If not, thanx!

I think that’s a new feature that appeared maybe in 2.2.10… Someone on the forum asked for it. They do listen !

I was one of them. (Shhh)

I just need it on the first system now. (I don’t ask for much). :wink: