Bar number placement and dynamics collisions

If I choose to show bar numbers on every measure below the staff, Dorico does funny things with the dynamics that are in the bars #'s way so to speak. This is a part without bar numbers:

This is what happens when I add them:

Before I start moving things individually, is there a setting that will keep the dynamics in tact horizontally, but force the bar numbers below them when necessary?
I’m on Dorico

Are those dynamics grouped? If the dynamics are grouped, they should all move out of the way of the bar numbers and remain aligned. Don’t put the dynamics into one big group: rather, group the dynamics that abut (so select “mf < f” and group them, then select “mf < >” and group them).

Thanks, Daniel. The dynamics were not grouped. I grouped them and it largely worked, although rather than pushing the bar numbers below, it pushed all dynamics below, which is not ideal.

Any Settings I can change to prioritize the dynamics above?

Second question: Is there a way to group these dynamics so they are exclusive to this layout and doesn’t affect any groupings in the score?


If these dynamics are affecting other dynamics in the score then it sounds like they might be linked:

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