Bar Number placement issue

I’m having trouble with the alignment of my bar numbers.
Despite having chosen “centered on barline”, Dorico is obviously placing them “left aligned on barline”.

I can’t see any way of correcting this issue. The bar numbers are too far to the right, and should be a bit further left.

I’d be happy if the bar number aligned with the group bracket on the left.

Am I missing some setting somewhere? Or have I maybe turned ON some setting I should not?

There was a similar problem in the german forum a few weeks ago. But the numbers had to move to the right. You may change a settings in the paragraph styles for the bar numbers. In the other problem it was a first line indent, but maybe here a alignment will work?

Dorico doesn’t currently allow bar numbers on the systemic barline to be centre-aligned, I’m afraid.

it’s a bit odd that the option is there, however, no?

anyway, is there some other way of aligning the bar numbers? they are really too far to the right. when you get into the hundreds, they seriously encroach on musical elements and disrupt placement of things like tempo markings.

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You can set the first line indent to a negativ value. The bar numbers will move to the left. They’ll stay alined to the left.
BUT, if you set “show bar numbers” to “every bar” or “every n bars”, all bar numbers will move. In this case, it’s not a good solution.

I’m not seeing an option for “first line indent” in paragraph styles.
Is it maybe somewhere else?

You might have to scroll down.

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You need to scroll down a bit

ahhhhhhhh! thank-you

for some reason I tend not to notice when a page can be scrolled down. I suspect it’s because of the “dark” colour scheme?

Oh that is SO much better!!!
I set the indent to -10pt, and now a bunch of tempo markings have reverted to the correct vertical placement (they kept getting pushed way up high because of the conflict with the bar number.)

3-digit bar numbers (ie: 100+) look almost perfectly centered. 2-digit bar numbers look fine, the only one that is just a tiny bit too far to the left now is the lone instance of a single-digit bar number. But I can live with that.

If it is only for the single digit number, you still can manually move them in engrave mode. And most likely there will be 1 or 2 numbers per flow. so it’s less work than 3 digit ones.

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