Bar number position

I’m engraving for a choral publisher that wants bar numbers on every bar, nestled against the staff, as shown:

But setting bar numbers above the staff places them outside all other elements, which requires me to manually adjust them in Engrave mode. Moreover, there’s no Filter-select option, or Select More.

Could this functionality be added in the future? I’d like to force the bar numbers to nestle against the top staff line, inside of other elements.

bar number position.png

Implementing a proper option for this would be difficult because it’s not at present practical to allow you to choose the order in which things should be stacked up outside the staff on either side. However, as a workaround you could try setting the option Minimum distance from other objects on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options to a negative number like -6 spaces, which will cause them to be moved back inwards towards the staff. It won’t prevent them from colliding with anything else that might be there, like lyrics or what have you, but it will at least put them somewhere close to where you want them to appear by default.

That did it! I don’t mind adjusting colliding bar number manually as they arise. Thanks!