Bar number range font in multi bar rests

Is it possible to change the font size of bar number ranges in multi bar rests? Thanks!

I believe bar number ranges use the same paragraph style for bar numbers as all other bar numbers in the layout.

Correct. Would be nice of both fonts could be edited independantly.
Could I make this suggestion to do so in a future version?

I’m curious to know a bit more about your requirements here. Can you tell me why you would like bar numbers under multi-bar rests to have a different appearance to other bar numbers?

I believe it’s only the size he wants to change. I could see the reason for that…

My answer is quite obvious: I like bar numbers to be big enough to be clearly visible, especially in parts, which makes the bar number range under multi bar rests as it is now a bit too big to my taste. I would personally prefer a slightly smaller font and preferibly in italics.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make a note of this and we’ll see whether this is something we can add in a future version.

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