Bar number ranges on multi-bar rests not shown when primary numbers hidden

I think this might be a bug: when bar number ranges are set to display on multi-bar rests, the range does not correctly display for bars that are set to hide primary bar numbers. This is illustrated in the screenshot, where the range F–K is correctly displayed in the guide bar numbers, but the multi-bar rest only shows the first bar number in the range. Once the primary numbers return, bars 3–6, the range displays correctly.

Dorico bar ranges

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll make sure this gets fixed for the next update.


Thanks for fixing this in the latest version. However, it appears there is an issue displaying ranges for bar numbers that include both primary and subordinate numbers – e.g. if the range is 5a–5d, only 5a shows under the multi-bar rest.

Forgive me if you’ve already clocked the above follow-up comment @dspreadbury (I know you engage extensively in forum posts), but I’m not sure if I replied to you or to the topic, and I know you’ll have had a lot on your plate with the recent maintenance release and hotfix. I therefore just wanted to be sure this hadn’t escaped your notice, although I appreciate it won’t be addressed until a future update. Thanks to you and the team for your continued hard work – Dorico really is a pleasure to use!

(P.S. I’m honestly not trying to bump this post – I would have edited my last comment had it still been possible.)

Not sure why you cannot edit your post via the pencil icon at the bottom unless you are a recent enough member of the forum that your Forum Trust Level does not yet allow it.

Thanks, Derrek. I don’t know either – I’ve got the option to edit the comment I made an hour ago, but not the one from 2 days ago.

Edit: Ah, it looks like I’m still at trust level 1 – that’ll be why.

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Sorry for the long delay in coming back to this thread. I can confirm that there is still a problem here when creating ranges on multi-bar rests with subordinate bar numbers. We’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next release. Apologies in the meantime for the inconvenience caused.