Bar number size in continuo part

Situation: Continuo part (cello) in an oratorio, the staff of the singer is displayed on top but only in the recitative sections. When displayed, the vocal staff is smaller than the instrumental staff (e.g. custom size 80%).

Problem: The size of bar numbers is smaller than normal when a “cue staff” is displayed above the instrument. I know how to handle the size of tempo markers in this case (use custom scale). But I don’t see any way to correct the size of the bar numbers. Entering a custom scale on a bar number will change the previous time marker’s size, not the bar number’s size. Bar number size is defined as absolute but nevertheless bar numbers shrink according to the size of the top staff.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

You could try Notation Options>Bar Numbers>Placement>show above specific players… and choose Cello. (I don’t know how you’ve set up the part, but I would have a Singer & Continuo layout, hiding empty staves for the Singer)

Thank you for this suggestion (the setting is in Layout Options). Yes, it is a Singer & Cello layout where the singer has a separate “Recitativo” instrument which is shown in the cello part.

The bar number position above the cello staff is not quite what I like … but the size is correct. And for ultimate perfection bar numbers could be moved up manually one by one.

That’s strange. If I set the bar number size of a score to absolute and then resize the top staff, the bar numbers don’t resize. Perhaps it’s different with parts. Will experiment.

That’s the expected behaviour, no? Absolute size means that it doesn’t scale according to the staff size.

You are right :slight_smile: The paragraph style “bar numbers (score)” is applied to the score as well as to the parts. The paragraph style “bar numbers (parts)” seems to be never used.

Problem solved, thanks!

Exactly my point!

I am sorry, I missed the individual paragraph style setting for bar numbers in layout options.