Bar Numbers After Repeat Barlines and Dal Segno Section


I’ve not been able to find a solution to this issue.

I have a repeat barline section within a larger Dal Segno repeated section. Traditionally, the repeat barline section would only repeat the first time around, but not during the Dal Segno section. However, in my piece I do want the repeat barline instruction to be followed both times, and I have put some text in making this clear.

The problem I have is that the bar numbers don’t reflect this and I see no way to tell Dorico I wish to change the bar numbering behaviour to follow the repeat barline second time around.

At the moment I get the bar numbers and the second tier of bar numbers (in brackets) after my repeat barline section. I would like to edit the second tier of bracketed bar numbers. (Please see attachment)

Is there a way, checkbox, or workaround I can do this?

Thank you,

I’m not 100% sure I understand the problem, but the bar numbers follow the played repeats, and you’ll find the option to play the repeats after the D.S. jump in Play > Playback Options. I think changing this should solve your problem.

Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for - it has changed the bar numbers at the point I wanted it to. It never occurred to me I would need to look in Playback Options, since it also affects the notation.

Thanks again.