Bar numbers and rehearsal marks with asterisks

Good afternoon,
I would like to know if it is possible to add asterisks in bar numbers as well as in rehearsal marks in the middle of a flow; because I want a particular fragment of music that repeats in another movement not to be confused.

In a certain moment of the flow, I would like to display the bar numbers as 1*, 2* etc. and the rehearsal marks as A*, B* etc. Is this possible?

If not, is this possible working with separate flows? This would not be the ideal, but maybe it is the only way…?

Thank you!

You can certainly add a suffix to rehearsal marks. Check out the properties panel.

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One can also force an AA rehearsal mark (etc.)by using an Index of 27 in the properties panel if one wanted similar but distinct rehearsal marks on the repeated section.

Thank you for the idea, but I am working for an editor and I have to engrave it following his guidelines!


Good morning, could someone help me with the issue of the bar numbers with an asterisk suffix?

Thank you!

AFAIK you cannot add a suffix to normal bar numbers.
Though you could the bar number form of Rehearsal Marks and add a suffix to that.