Bar numbers appearing mid-staff in galley view

The attached image shows the issue. Increasing the minimum distance from staff parameter seems to have no effect.

Suggestions appreciated!

Are those printing bar numbers or reference numbers in Galley view?

I haven’t encountered those terms or seen them specified in preferences. How would I find out?

You appear to be in Galley View. Measure numbers in blue do not usually print; they are for reference only. Like many aspects of Galley View (clefs & instrument names at left, for example), they may not be movable.

I’m not worried about print appearance, but I do need to be able to read the bar numbers, and I can’t if they’re embedded in the middle of a staff. Is there a workaround?

Unfortunately I suspect the only workaround for now would be to set the placement of the bar numbers to ‘Above’ in Layout Options while you’re working in galley view.

We plan to rejig the way bar numbers are drawn in galley view in future so that they are drawn above every staff and are independent of the placement options in Layout Options.

I encourage this rejiggery posthaste.