Bar numbers between flows

In these flows the bar numbers cannot reset the numbering. I did in “notation options” both “global numbering” and “local numbering” but it doesn’t reset. Suggestions?

Resolved. Sharing for anyone who needs it. I selected the first measure of 7/8 which has the number 0 and in edit>notations>measure numbers>add a change of measure number, I inserted number1, it went to the right place but the numbering from the second measure is still not changed, so I repeated the same procedure on bar 2 but inserting the new bar number with the 2 and everything fell into place. It is now consequential.

Bar numbers should restart from 1 (or 0 in the case of pick-ups) at the start of flows. If yours doesn’t, that suggests an existing bar number override (“sequence change”).

Selecting a bar number that looks suspiciously numbered, then pressing Delete should reset it back to its default sequence.