Bar Numbers


I have a couple of questions regarding bar numbers:

  • Is it possible to hide/show bar numbers globally (or per-flow)? If I select a single bar number I can easily hide it through the Hide bar number property in Time Signature properties panel, but I was not able to quickly find how to set it globally.

  • In Engrave mode I select the first bar line of my project and the Hide bar number property is correctly checked (and the bar number hidden), but in Write mode the property is not checked but still the bar number is hidden. Is it the expected behavior? Why?

Pivot (293 KB)

You can set bar numbers to hide/show per Layout in Layout Options/Bar numbers

Thank you

A follow up question to this — is it possible to turn off or hide bar numbers on an individual flow? I have a multi-movement piece where one movement is unmeasured, without barlines, so it doesn’t make sense to have bar numbers at the start of every line…

No, I’m afraid at the moment bar number options are layout-specific rather than flow-specific. But at the same time you also shouldn’t need to show any bar numbers anyway if your movement is completely unmeasured: you can insert system breaks without inserting barlines, so your second movement can be completely unmeasured and all be in a single “bar”.

The movement is completely unmeasured — all in a single “bar,” as you said — but “[1]” shows at the beginning of each line. Any way to disable this?

What happens if you set a bar number change at the start of the flow? I think there’s an option in the bar number change along the lines of “no bar number and don’t count this bar”. It may be what you’re looking for.

That works perfectly — thanks! The option is called “Don’t include.”