Bar offset (audio + midi)

Hello everyone,

is there a way to offset the start of an audio and/or midi export by a number of bars?

I ask this because I am exporting midi files from Dorico to Cubase to prepare for a recording and I always leave an offset of 5 bars in Cubase. When I import the audio and midi from Dorico, I then have to correct the start by 5 bars, using the Global Copy function in Cubase (copying everything between locators and then moving the content forward).

Because I have to perform this for several little movements of this piece, I am trying to find a faster and safer solution.
If there isn’t, I think it could a nice feature in the Cubase-Dorico integration :wink:

Many thanks,

I’m afraid there’s no way to do this at the moment, Alessandro. You’d need to add five bars to the start of the flow in Dorico before export. But I’ll make a note of this as something we could consider adding in future.

Thank you very much, Daniel.
I look forward to this feature if it will be.

ps: I actually meant a 4-bar offset as I start on bar 5.