Bar repeat logic fix

Hi there !

Something that has been bothering me for a while is that it would be awesome to fix the bar-repeat way of working : it makes no sense and is counter-intuitive when you’re in a bar and click on the “End repeat” button or the End/Start repeat (or even actually most of the bar types) that it’s applied to the bar-line before.
The only case for which it makes sense is for the Start repeat, but other than that it’s really frustrating when you’re inputing notes in a bar and intuitively select an end repeat or End/Start and it gets set the bar before…

Thanks in advance !

Have you tried selecting the barline (not the contents of the bar) before applying the barline type?

Generally speaking, Dorico applies the chosen action to whatever is selected.

yes it’s what I end up doing most of the time but it’s really not practical.
Coming from Guitar Pro, wherever I am in a bar if I click on End repeat it adds the End repeat… at the end. Having to select a bar line for this to work is not practical at all, especially for repeats as they are very common

As you have probably noticed by now, Dorico often does things differently from other applications.

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sure, but it doesn’t mean that improving the workflow and speeding things up is set in stone and can’t be improved :wink:

That depends a lot on what your preferences are and what you have become accustomed to in other applications - see the various threads on “intuitive”.

yeah I know intuitive is subjective in some cases, but come on, if you select a bar, click on End repeat and the end repeat gets set the previous bar, you can’t tell me that’s not an obvious counter-intuitive way of working…
Why would I select a bar and ask the software to put and end repeat before ?

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Rest assured that the Dorico Development Team read every post in this forum. If they decide that alternative ways of doing things are worth implementing they usually put that feature/option/etc. into an upgrade sometime in the future.

yep let’s hope ! :slight_smile: