Bar repeat previous tied note not repeating

Viola, cello, bass

The previous bar tied notes aren’t repeating (the strings drop off on the repeat), but I also have a timpani part which is a series of quarter notes which does repeat. I think the logic is clear - as a tied note there’s no MIDI note to repeat, however musically this makes sense doesn’t it, e.g. just keep playing the note? Any reason why a bar repeat doesnt’ play if the previous bar is just a tied note?

Also why is it light blue?

It’s light blue to indicate that it’s a bar repeat region.

As to the logic, Dorico treats tied notes as single note values. All that matters is where the attack is - if it’s in the bar that’s repeated, it’ll repeat correctly. You could work around this by cutting the ties, moving the notes in bar 4 into a different voice, then tieing the notes back together (you’d need to click the first note, Cmd/Ctrl-click the second note then hit T). That way Dorico will see two separate attacks.

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It’s light blue because you’re currently showing bar repeat highlights. You don’t have to, of course.

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Ah, clever workaround about the different voice. Unfortunately though it sees it as a new note and re-articulates it, so breaks the tie even though visually they’re tied. Seems like there’s no good way around this? I can write out the notes of course which is OK.

Is there a particular reason you want to use a single-bar repeat for one bar at the end of notes that are otherwise tied? Unless it’s really urgent, you could just extend the previous bar into that last bar before the double barline?

It’s splitting hairs a bit, but it’s possible that introducing the bar repeat there could introduce confusion - do you want notes rearticulated or not? Should they just play through for another bar or re-bow? etc etc

Oh its just as far as I’ve gotten, this is going to repeat for a long time but I haven’t written that yet is all.

And yeah totally agree with your splitting hairs, it seems a little confusing perhaps, but in this case I mean ‘just keep holding that note no articulation’. Anyhow wondering if people get the meaning here or not, or if better to notate it out.

Well music needs to be written, I’ll just spell it out. Thanks much for the help

Musically I sort of get it, but not really. I understand that a tied tremolo is an accepted shorthand for “don’t accent the new notehead”, but I don’t think I’d expect to see a single repeat bar following a two-bar note value. Perhaps bar 4 needs a tie to the next barline (which you’d have to fudge with an l.v.).

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If it’s all tied whole-note tremolos, I’d forget the repeat symbols and just write it out. With copy/paste it does not really save any time to use the repeat symbols here.

Unfortunately writing it out isn’t working out so far, see this

I need the slur to the half note in bar 2, then I need to keep holding that note but at least so far no matter what I do something goofy happens. Either it wants to make the slur go to bar 5, or you get double ties like this case.

This slur won’t shorten, that is it won’t let me have it go just between the half and whole notes.

The slur has a property - End position in tie chain.
There’s also a global setting for that in Engraving Options > Slurs > Tied Notes.

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Ah! Of course I’m not paying enough attention to those properties, OK this works thanks so much.

Just to confirm - although they look similar, that’s not a double tie - that’s a slur ending on the last note in the tie chain. It helps clarify the duration of the phrase as a whole, but as Leo said there are both local and global options for the end positions of slurs relative to tie chains.

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