Bar repeat region error

Any thoughts on the error
(Version (Mar 28 2024)

Hi @ghmusicprep,

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With issues like this (project-based), it’s usually best to upload a small version of your project for someone to dig into.

However, there may be users out there who have an idea about it already.

Are you trying to open a newer dorico file with an older dorico version?
I think I had this info when opening a dorico 5 file in dorico 4. Daniel S told me it would be nothing to worry about, just features D4 didn’t have yet which are missing.

Yes, Daniel’s explanation was here.

I put it into D4 just in case the repeat mark did work - that’s why the internal string code box opened.
Maybe its the font - I’ve tried a different font but no response - strangely it’ll appear (the bar region marking) and then it goes again.

ON Orch Somewhere example - 31_Perc 1 - Somewhere.dorico (3.1 MB)

The 2/4 bar is the problem - when I deleted the bar, bar region repeat is fine but I add the. 2/4 bar before 4/4 the graphic repeat sign will not - although the sound will . repeats as normal.

If I open you project and reapply the Bravura Font, the repeat signs from Bar 84 appear as they should be. But if I then delete the 2/4 they disappear again, indeed.
Also I can confirm that after reapplying Bravura and closing Dorico, when reopening the repeat signs are gone again. The exported PDF also exhibits the Problem. Very curious.

And what is more strange when I apply slash region instead of repeat regions, it’s working as you expect.
Maybe Daniel has some thoughts?

Does it fail if you delete an reapply the repeat regions? I didn’t try that.

Only in that one project., New an old files works!