Bar repeats and cues

Not sure whether this has been brought up before but if I have bar repeats (the percent signs) in a part that is assigned as cue to another part the bars with the bar repeats are empty in the cue. I realize this is technically to be expected since a bar repeat region is something different than notes but obviously cues should display something (other than a rest) there.

I am trying to envision how a repeated measure (even written out) would let another player find his or her place in a long rest, but I suppose a 2 or 4-measure repeat might help a little.

Have a look at this:


That’s a contrived example, right? You’re not really using a bar repeat for a single bar in the horn part?

Well, yes, why not? This is common if the space on the sheet is tight. But even if I were to have many repeated bars – I’m arranging for amateur concert bands where parts are written for which no player is available at times, and therefore there are cues in other parts that are then supposed to take over if there is no player for the original instrument. Therefore the cues can be quite long.

Well, right now bar repeats are not included in cues. We’ll discuss what it would take to include them, but I suspect it will not be simple to achieve.

Thanks for considering it. :slight_smile: