bar repeats and instrument changes

Suggestion for a little addition to the manual (I couldn’t find it): If you want to create a bar repeat region that is followed by an instrument change, you’ll have to do that in Galley View.

Do you mean you want to show notes for a different instrument immediately after a bar repeat region, in a layout with instrument changes allowed (and therefore other instrument staves hidden), meaning you need to switch to galley view to input notes for the other instrument?

Given that that’s true for instrument changes in general, and not just specific to after bar repeat regions, there are already pointers to this here, here, and here. (The manual has to be as universal and as comprehensive as possible, so explicit reference to bar repeat regions aren’t in these hints, but they can be found e.g. in the index by going to “instrument changes>inputting”.)

Lillie, yes, you’re right, my post wasn’t completely accurate. See the picture. After you ad in bar 2-4 bar repeats in Page View, you’ll have to select the bars and filter and delete the notes. So yes, it can be done in page view, but - I think - it has to be done in that order. You cannot delete the bars first and then ad a repeat region, because the ‘To Mar’ will skip to bar 2. In Galley View it’s easier. No big deal though