Bar Repeats Inconsistency

Hello everyone,

I’ve been running into issues with the bar repeat functions. During the beginning of my project, I could highlight a 4-bar chunk in my percussion score, hit the repeat popover and type “%4” to create a 4-bar repeat without an issue. Around the middle of the project, typing “%” with or without a number simply stopped working for no reason. I could however copy and paste which did the trick. At this point, there is simply no way for me to type or copy paste a 4-bar repeat despite having restarted Dorico and my computer… Has anyone run into this issue?

I’ve had this happen before, but a restart had done the trick (though seems like a lost cause now). I’ll post the project and diagnostic report, but am very curious to know if I’m the only one with this issue.

Thanks as always,

macOS Catalina
Dorico version

Dorico (1.6 MB)
Rainbow Road.dorico (1.2 MB)

The inconsistency is in the lengths of your measures. Bar 68 is double the length of the previous bars, so it can’t possibly be a straight repeat of the bar that precedes it.

Turn on signposts and delete the red signpost that appears in order to restore the deleted barline, then have another go.

Great eye! Thank you so much, I was very much at a loss. It’s beyond me why this happened… I’ve never tampered with the time signature, yet this file created an 8-beat bar despite it being in 4/4? (the flag was indeed labeled 4/4 1+1+1+1).

Sounds like you deleted a regular barline, which would make two bars of 4/4 into one bar.