Bar repeats not repeating dyanmics - default for Elements?

Hello again,

I have a bar that has dynamics added to notes. I do bar repeats. When I listen, the repeated versions only play constant dynamics (at the level of the last dynamic level in the to-be-repeated bar). The first bar does play the correct dynamic changes.

I am testing out Elements now and found there are Play Options which are ‘fixed’ in Elements. I was just curious why the default would be that dynamics are not repeated?

If you’re working with unpitched percussion in a five-line staff or grid presentation type, then the dynamics you add in that view aren’t currently played back, whether they are written against a bar repeat region or directly against bars with notes in them. To make those dynamics play back, you need to switch to the individual instruments presentation type and add the dynamics against each instrument.

In the next major version of the software, you will find that dynamics entered against the five-line or grid presentation type will play back, and be merged in along with any dynamics written on each individual instrument in the kit.

I am currently working with a drum kit in single line view (since I do indeed want individual dynamics for ea. instrument).

In the attached screenshot, you can see a build from ppp to f (also tried with no crescendo and individual dynamics). It plays the build from ppp to f on the snare instrument but once it hits the repeats section, all of the snare hits stay at forte for all proceeding repeats of the bar. Any other suggestions? Maybe it is a setting I missed or I’m not adding repeats properly (I usually add repeats by selecting the proceeding bars’ rests and then Shift D and then typing the % sign)? Maybe Dorico treats all drum kits as ‘grouped’ in the manner of a 5 line staff independent of the view?

Thanks Daniel - esp. at a time it seems y’all must be busy busy!

Is the last “f” attached to the last note or to the first beat of the next bar? My guess is that if the later is true, you might be repeating the “f” and the “f” is overriding the “p”.

Far as I can tell, Lucas, there are no dynamics attached to any of the repeat bars. The only dynamics preset just exist for the notes inside the bar I would like to repeat.

As far as I can tell, Repeat Regions don’t respect the dynamics in previous bars. There’s nothing in Playback Options (in Dorico Pro 2) to alter that.
I think you’re looking for a feature that doesn’t exist.

From the help manual (which maybe I am reading incorrectly!):

By default, Dorico Pro includes repeats in playback, except after repeat jumps, such as D.S. al Coda. You can change both of these options on the Repeats page in Play > Playback Options.

During playback, the bars/beats and time displays in the mini transport and Transport window reflect the current position of the playhead in repeat structures.

Dynamics and tempo marks are reflected in repeats. > Repeats are also included in both audio and MIDI exports.

Is it because I am not in Pro?

If I type your example into Pro, the dynamics do not repeat.

On the page you’ve linked to, there’s no mention at all of bar repeat regions. I suspect this page is talking solely about situations where the playback line has to jump from one bar to a previous bar (because of a repeat barline, or a DS/DC-type thing).

Sorry to take a while to come back to this thread. The dynamics in your example won’t play back with the repeat: we took the decision that you should write those dynamics out again under the repeated bars if you want them to be repeated. This is on the basis that you may well want to change the dynamics over the course of a repeated pattern, and that is a more likely case than wanting to play a specific small cell of dynamics over and over again.