Bar repeats: Some needed options


I went over a piece I had done somewhat earlier with Dorico and applied Bar Repeats to the drum parts.
Two things I would love to see added:

  1. An option to display the original notes at the beginning of a system. If you have rhythms that stay the same for many bars, this would be very appreciated. But I can’t do it manually because the answer to the question “does this bar start a system?” obviously differs between a part and the score (or any other layout, generally). For the score this would also be helpful, since the first occurrence of the rhythm might have happened many pages ago.

  2. I really missed the option to number repeated bars when they are not 1-bar-repepats but 2-bar-repeats. I have a 2-bar-rhythm that continuously goes on for some time, but Dorico won’t help me help my percussionists count :wink:


Both of these have been discussed. IIRC #1 is not on the roadmap, but #2 is.

The first of these two options is difficult to implement, because it requires Dorico to process the bar repeats differently according to how the music is cast off. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but it’s not something that is likely to be implemented imminently. However, I do see the value in it, because you can’t easily ensure the correct result in both the full score and the parts if the music is cast off differently.