Bar rest spacing/instrument change/condensing

Is there any way round this slightly odd problem shown in the 9th bar of this screenshot?

I assume it has something to do with the instrument change in the clarinets - the uncondensed score has a key signature change which is hidden with condensing switched on. Is there any way to rectify the positioning of the bar rest? Cut-down project attached below.

The Bamboula cut.dorico (607.2 KB)

What happens when you add notes (in any part) to the offending measure?
What happens if you restart the program?
Does the problem correct itself?

After a lot of experimenting, the only way I could get the position of that rest to look anywhere near normal was to put a System Break at the barline where the clarinet change of key signature occurs - ie the start of bar 9 in your cut-down example. This might not suit your desired score layout but, if it is a problem with no solution, then this could possibly be the only way to do it. Hopefully the Dorico development team might be able to shed some light on the situation.

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I’m not informed enough to comment on the underlying reasons, but it looks to me like your hypothesis about the key signature due to the changing transposition being involved sounds likely.

An alternative method of improving the spacing in that bar whilst retaining your casting off is to force the instrument change to occur at the system break by inserting a chord symbol region on the clarinet staves for the rest of that system. However, this will split multi-bar rests in the parts. There are other notations that prevent instrument changes as well which might produce a preferable result in the parts, although I can’t list them off the top of my head.

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Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything that can be done at the moment; Dorico should be showing the change of key signature in bar 9. This is something that we will address when we provide proper support for instrument changes in condensed music.